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Page 5 — Put That Icon in its Place

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, "FTP" stands for File Transfer Protocol, and is the process by which files are uploaded to a remote host (server) for use elsewhere, such as display on a website. Yeah yeah, more techno-babble.

So go ahead and grab some free FTP software (CuteFTP for Windows and Fetch for Macintosh work just fine). Take a moment to install the FTP client of your choice, and test it to make sure it's in good health.

Now, log into your server and put up that icon! The icon should be placed into the main directory (usually "www"), as well as any other directories containing HTML files that you think users might bookmark. Also, don't forget to put an icon in any of the other directory locations that you referenced in your fancy JavaScript code. If you changed any of the code in your HTML pages using the snippets on the previous page, you'll want to save and upload those too.

Onward, forward!

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