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Page 6 — Test Your Creation

Ready for some deep wizardry?

Go to your newly-iconized Web page using the newest version of Explorer and add it to the Favorites list (CTRL + D does the trick). Now, sit back and enjoy the view.

What? It's not showing up?

While there's no sure-fire way to make life in the icon lane traffic-free, there are a few things you can do to bring it up to speed. Here's a list for you to print out and worship:

  1. Make sure the file type, file name, total calculated file size, and the directory it's in are appropriate based on what we've learned so far in this lesson. If even one of those things is out of line, go back and fix it.
  2. Try refreshing the page.
  3. Close the browser, empty the cache, and try it again. Not sure how to empty the cache? Go up to Tools > Internet Options, and within the Temporary Internet Files area, click Delete Files. Click OK. Click Delete Files again, this time making sure the Delete Offline Content box is checked. Click OK, and then OK again. Refresh the page. Sometimes it really does the trick — think of it like evicting an old tenant so that the new one, the prettier one, can feel at home.
  4. Add the Link directive statement I provided on page 4 to your HTML, upload both the revised page and the icon, then go back to your site. Add it to your Favorites. Go ahead and overwrite any existing copies.
  5. Delete that particular Favorite, close the browser window, open it back up, and add it again. Don't ask, it just works.
  6. Delete that oh-so-evil-and-dastardly Favorite, empty the browser cache, close the browser, and restart Windows. Go bookmark your page again.
  7. Hold down CTRL while dragging the shortcut to the Desktop, Quick Launch toolbar, or any other places on your computer. This helps to sort of reattach the icon to the URL.
  8. Hold down SHIFT while simultaneously holding down the left mouse button on the naughty shortcut. Maybe it will refresh, maybe it won't.
  9. Get out from behind that firewall, even if it means you have to test your page at Grandma's town cottage instead of paranoid Uncle Urvin's backwoods barricaded garage. I've discovered that while you can bookmark pages from behind a firewall, sometimes you can't see the custom icon associated with it. Remember what we mentioned before, about security issues? That may have something to do with it.
  10. Finally, bookmark your page from anther computer on another day at another time. Relax! Icons are fickle, and yours might just be having a bad day. Who knows?

And now, on to some productive alternatives for those of you who enjoy hanging out to the left of the mainstream, then a couple of what I deem the greatest resources available out there on the Web.

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