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Now you know all about this oh-so-cool little ditty — what it's made of, where to find it, how to make, test, and help it along, and most importantly, that it can be done. And hey, even if you can't make custom Favorites icons, here are some more things you can do.

Make custom icons for your desktop

If you're running Windows, you can do this with the software we just downloaded (or, go find your own). Then, you can manage your massive collection with something like Microangelo. If you want to make icons for your Mac, I suggest that you use either IconBuilder or plain ol' ResEdit. And, just for the record, my Mac looks way cooler than my Windows machine.

Make little penguin icons

Ever heard of GIMP? You Linux users can join the fray — as if you haven't already! Favorites icons can be displayed in the KDE Konqueror Linux browser, with support from other Linux browsers on the way soon.

Join an icon community

There are several websites out there that cater to icon artists and hold massive collections of the little buggers. To start, become a member of IconTown, an online community of icons. While you're at it, sign up for IconCow's newsletter, or just stop by every now and again to check out what's new in the world of pixels.

Get creative and promote capitalism

Make mini 'toons out of icons saved as GIF's. Or, better yet, put them in a Flash movie. Make souvenirs for others to download in memory of your wonderful website, delve into the madness of GUI science, or, gently hug a pixel.

Now that I have you bubbling over with enthusiasm, I'll leave you with some other icon resources you can seek out, should you hit a snag. There are an awful lot of pixel-pushin' places to visit out there. But if you go to places such as the GUI Galaxy, Pseudoroom, or the IconFactory to get handy tips, enter contests, or download the latest versions of their desktop icons, you won't be disappointed.

That's it!

Now go forth and pixelate the world!

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