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Over the years we have also developed a number of software applications for the RISC OS platform.
We believe that this is the most productive and intuitive desktop operating system currently available and, although it was developed back in 1987 has many features that Microsoft is only just implementing in the latest versions of it's Windows OS.
RISC OS runs on the 32bit ARM processor and is thus extremely compact and efficient. Complete applications can be stored in K's instead of M's and software development is much easier and quicker.
Some RISC OS applications we have written are:-
Multi-purpose database management system. Coming soon!
Adds a number of valuable utilities to the Ant Internet Suite, including automatic timed mail/news fetches, the ability to fake different web browsers (such as MSIE and Netscape), flexible cron-scripting commands and many other features, including additional plugins.
*Disc Commander
A comprehensive disc editing and recovery application. You can edit any sector on virtually any disc the computer hardware can access, using a desktop editor. Fast search facilities let you search for deleted data and definable markers let you directly read portions of data from anywhere on the disc.
Click on the link to see a full specification.
A simple yet effective offline email reader. NetReader is network compatible, allowing multiple users to have their own login and preferences setting. Various security features, including access times make NetReader ideal for school networks and people who wish to manage multiple email boxes using either the Ant Suite and normal dialup, or the CIX conferencing service.
A fast and powerful virus scanner and detection utility. Network compatible and ideal for schools and home users alike, VZap includes free email technical support and updates and can perform a full virus scan with only two mouse clicks.

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