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10 Reasons Why Wordpress is good

Ok I may be going back to basics here but that’s what this site is about, helping the newbie.s and intermediate WordPress users with their websites & small businesses.

I love to build websites and I love WordPress.

I think I have been using WordPress for around 3 years now; I started my own sites using Typepad and then building Typepad Blogs for clients. Which was great to start with and Typepad is a great hosted service but it was very limited.

So after attending an Internet Marketing Conference (it may have been The World Internet Summit) where all the marketers were talking about this open source software called WordPress which is free to use and you can host it yourself, I was converted!

So here are some of the reasons I converted and why I love it so much

  1. WordPress Is Free . This blogging platform is used by millions of bloggers, because it.s FREE.
  2. Easy To Install – When I first started using it one would download WordPress and then upload the files to ones server, configure them and you were done. Easy right? Well it’s got even easier, use a hosting company such as Blue Host you can install WordPress with ONE CLICK! Now that’s easy!
  3. Themes . There are alot of sites with FREE themes for WordPress that will make your blog look great. I am using Frugal by Eric Hamm. This theme makes my blog stands from the millions of blog on the web. The Frugal Theme is fully customizable and VERY easy to use. It is a premium theme so it costs money but well worth it in my opinion.

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  5. WordPress Plugins . WordPress has over 9,052 plugins. These are easy to install by going to the plugins section on your WordPress blog, select Add New and search for the plugin(s) that you want. When I install plug ins for my clients I have a list of 12 that I believe are essential to your blogs welfare!
  6. Pages . WordPress has a feature called .pages. which allows you to easily create web pages. This is what helps turn WordPress into a fantastic CMS (Content Management System). There is no limit to the amount of pages you can add to your site and you can easily manage the navigation of them with a couple of plug ins, My Page Order & Exclude Pages from Navigation
  7. Multiple Authors . Bloggers who likes your blog who are in your niche can make a profile on your blog and become a guest author. They can post articles and you can review it for publishing. This keeps your content fresh and interesting.
  8. Scheduled Publishing . Something that I don.t take full advantage of but is a great tool. You can write blog posts in advance say 4 or 5 (it can be more) and then schedule them to go out on specific dates. This is great if you are going away or your writing creativity comes in fits and starts!
  9. Language Translation . Even though I only speak one language, which is English and a tiny bit of French, (Bonjour!) WordPress is available in 50 languages. So everyone can use WordPress in their native language. This can be achieved easily with a plugin
  10. SEO Friendly . Again another plug in sorts this out very easily. The All in One SEO plug in looks after ALL your SEO needs.
  11. Google Loves WordPress - If Google loves WordPress then I love WordPress. With the Google XML Site Map plugin, I get my articles indexed on Google as soon as I publish it. I want my articles to be found by everyone as soon as I write them.
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