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Paul Vigay

Paul Vigay was born on 24 October 1964 in Croydon. He attended the Horndean School in Waterlooville, passing 10 O-levels. His use of BBC B computers while there led to a lifelong interest in computing. He edited the Acorn section of the Micronet 800 on-line magazine in the late 1980s, and continued to support RISC OS users after Micronet 800 was withdrawn. He worked for Argonet ISP from 1995 until 2005 when he opened Orpheus Internet to serve Argonet's previous customers and continue support for RISC OS users.

Paul has always had an interest in the paranormal and unexplained. The unexplained seems to contrast with the logical and scientific world of computers and this is probably what made him a rational and slightly sceptical researcher.

He developed a long interest in UFOs, hauntings and the Occult, and became interested in crop circles in 1989/90 when I was developing some electronic equipment to detect electric current flow behind walls and floors.

Paul was first introduced to a Commodore PET Computer at school, then moved from paper tapes to a Sinclair ZX81, progressing to an Acorn BBC B computer in 1982. In 1987 Acorn brought out the World's first home computer to use a super-fast RISC processor (the ARM).

He gained a wealth of knowledge and experience of a number of computer systems and langauges from Algol-69 under the ancient VAX/VMS system, Cobol, Pascal, C and Basic. He expanded this as time went on and started developing websites to express his interests and progress expertiese.

Most of these sites have been preserved and maintained in his memory, where some have mearly been updated to fix broken links and small bug fixes, others have been expanded to continue his passion in some of the interests he had. We will hope to continue hosting this site in his memory for as long as we can and where required updated accordingly.

Paul you will be remebered and this site lives on.

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