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IMPORTANT Security and Privacy Information
Please note that we use totally secure email and server solutions. My system is 100% virus resistant and completely unaffected by internet worms, trojans, viruses or other forms of malicious attacks.

This has two benefits; Firstly, I can receive emails and correspondence from people around the world, irrespective of what computer system they are using and secondly, ALL emails and correspondence sent out by me is guaranteed 100% virus free. I have to clarify this because some forms of Windows virus can pick up email addresses from your address book and pretend to be from trusted people. Thus, if you suspect that a message purporting to originate from me contains a virus or anything suspicious, then it is fake.

ALL GENUINE correspondence from me is guaranteed 100% virus free. If in any doubt, email me and/or ask for a pgp-signed confirmation.

If you would like to contact me about any aspect of this website, or to ask for permission to reproduce any section of this website, please complete and submit the following form. Any message entered will be directly emailed to Paul Vigay

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I do not respond to automatic email approval requests (such as SpamArrest), so please ensure that you enter an email address which is capable of accepting replies from this domain. If in doubt, disable sender approval or check your local spam filtering settings.



If you don't like web forms, just enter something like "please contact me" and you'll receive a personal response from a real email address.

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Security & Privacy Warning

If you value your privacy you should really endeavour to install PGP on your computer. This will enable you to send and receive encrypted emails to your family, friends and colleagues.

Personal privacy is of paramount importance in a democratic free society and we should always strive our utmost to protect it. Please contact, Digital Phenomena if you would like help and/or advice on setting it up. It's relatively easy and only needs to be done once.

This is an important issue because of the rapid proliferation of government surveillance in modern society. Using PGP will prevent ANYONE from being able to eavesdrop on your email communications.

Personal privacy is guarded under Article 12 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that "No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence..."

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