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Digital Phenomena - Your first stop for internet consultancy 

Founded in 2004 and based on over 25 years of computer, networking and electronics experience, we can cater for all your I.T. needs. Offering a complete consultancy service on all aspects of computing and internet services, we can build complete web sites, offer security advice and even give tuition and training on a wide variety of technology related topics. We also supply web based content on behalf of

Web Design, Creation and Programming

We've been building high quality web sites since 1993, so we can craft a web site specific to your requirements. Whether it's an individual homepage or a large corporate web presence, contact us for all the advice and support you need.

W3C validated web design and SEO

All the web sites we create are hand-crafted for efficiency, speed and compatibility with all web browsers and computer systems. We're also pretty good at getting your site ranked highly amongst the popular search engines, with several of our clients getting a number one spot on Google.

Multi-platform support

Our knowledgeable team can provide customised support to beginners and experts alike, and unlike most competitors, we're multi-platform so we can offer full support and advice to Apple Mac, Windows, RISC OS and Linux users in addition to helping with specific devices such as PDAs, rack servers and legacy kit.

Security, Encryption and Digital Forensics

Computer security and integrity are areas of importance to business and home users alike. We offer a complete security service from impartial advice and recommendations to in-the-field testing and configuration of wireless networks and general security issues.

Education and Training

With over 20 years educational experience, both in teaching and in technical/I.T. management we're also capable of advising on the best, cost-effective solutions for schools and educational establishments regarding proxy servers, internet filtering and network facilities.

Whatever your computer or internet needs, give us a call to discuss your requirements.


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